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Manufacturer of Electrolytic Grade Copper Powder in India

About Micro Metals

Micro Metals Company is a domestic provider of custom-engineered copper powder metallurgy product solutions to customer in a variety of industries in India. A small in scale yet a leader in electrolytic copper powder metallurgy industry since 1979 was started by Mr. Shankar Lal Kandoi under the expert guidance of Mr. Bhagwan Das Kandoi, B. Tech (Electrical and Metallurgy, Pilani). Micro Metals manufactured copper powder is being used in numerous industrial verticals few of them being carbon brushes, brake and friction lining, sintering, brazing and jointing, synthetic material, diamond tools and many more.


At Micro Metals, quality has always been the foremost priority and to maintain it, we ensure the best practices are executed for its consistent high quality copper metal powder. Starting from quality of raw material till the material is packed and dispatched, we have checks for each of our internal levels. Apart from these checks we have few analysis in place to define the chemical and physical attributes of the copper metal powder. We have divided our analysis in mainly 2 groups being:

Chemical Analysis

The chemical analysis is not conducted within the premises of Micro Metals, rather it is conducted by any prestigious Laboratories in India over our test samples being sent to them, periodically. The analysis includes all the chemical tests for the material, like the purity level of the material, % copper content un-oxidized, % copper content oxidized (generally referred as H2loss) and the % content of Insoluble acid components in the material. Apart from this, the analysis of its shape is also conducted by them; even though it is one of the physical attributes to the material, yet it is included within Chemical Analysis process as per the standards generated by Micro Metal for its manufactured material only.

Physical Analysis

The rest of the physical analyses are conducted within a laboratory establishment at the Micro Metals premises. This analysis is conducted on each of the batches manufactured in Micro Metals. The batch sizes and related information is confidential to Micro Metals; hence is available for reference purpose for internal use only. This analysis includes the Sieve test (to detail the % separation between the various mesh sizes) and testing the Apparent Density (A.D.) of the batched material. A small sample of each of these batches is retained for a fixed duration for any future reference.

Process & Grades

At Micro Metals, we manufacture Electrolytic Copper Powder. This copper powder is Dendritic in shape, hence falling under the category Dendritic Metal Powders.

ProcessThe Dendritic copper powders are obtained by dissolving high purity copper cathodes in an environment consisting of Sulphuric Acid bathed under the influence of direct current; typically being known as Electrolysis

Grades By a carefully control of different parameters, a wide variety of copper powder can be produced being termed as different grades and mostly having different physical properties and compositions. The various grades being manufactured at Micro Metals are listed below:


Micro Metals manufactured copper powders have a list of application domains mentioned below:

  • Chemical Industry Micro Metals copper powder is used as a catalyst and reactive additive in the chemical industry.

  • Carbon Brushes Micro Metals copper powder has a very good electrical conductivity due to its high purity levels of copper. This attributes makes it the preferred choice for all the carbon brush manufacturers. Its shape being dendritic, gels well with the graphite resulting in excellent green strength values for the pressed parts.

  • Brake and Friction Linings Micro Metals copper powder is an important ingredient in the composition of hot pressed brake pads and clutch linings to improve service life through improved heat conductivity.

  • Sintering Micro Metals copper powder improves the mechanical and dimensional properties of sintered iron parts.

  • Brazing and Jointing Micro Metals copper powder is used for the production of brazing powders and pastes.

  • Synthetic Materials Micro Metals Copper powder is used as fillers to improve some of the material properties, e.g. increase if the thermal and electrical conductivity, increase in the density and charges in the thermal coefficient of expansion etc.

  • Diamond Tools Micro Metals copper powder is used to manufacture the cutting discs and grinding wheels as well as bronze based diamond tools.

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